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The ROI became a recognised UK
charity on 2nd September 2004
and its number is 1105706.
Reflexology Outreach International

ROIReflexology Outreach International (ROI) was set up in 2000 to provide free reflexology training in the developing world. We target carers who are responsible for looking after people who have HIV/AIDS or other serious illnesses, and our emphasis is directed at helping people who are poor. To this end we train a range of people from family members through to nurses and doctors. We also provide free reflexology treatments when we have time after training sessions.

The ROI title was chosen to reflect the international, rather than national operation of the organisation. However, all our fund raising and financial accounting is done in the United Kingdom.

The ROI became a recognised UK charity on 2nd September 2004 and its number is 1105706.

The Charity Commission has agreed that the aim of the charity is:

Relief of sickness, and preservation and protection of health of people in developing countries, particularly but not exclusively Africa, Asia, India and Uganda, by the provision of treatment, namely reflexology and such other services as the trustees shall deem necessary with a view to improving the conditions of life of those who are in need of such services.

The ROI is managed by the ROI Council and is made up of ROI members who are proposed from the membership. An Annual General Meetings (AGM) is held in September each year. Council meetings, and coordination meetings, are held throughout each year.

Expeditions are agreed by the Counci,l and expedition coordinators, who have been on an earlier expedition, are appointed. Training is provided so that expeditionists have an insight into what to expect in the developing country, health issues and ROI reflexology training. Selection for an expedition is subject to agreement by at least two members of the Council's Expeditionist Selection Committee.

Members of the ROI may use the title MROI after their name and use the ROI logo on their business cards or headed paper.

Since our first expedition in 2001 we have sent 8 expeditions to Uganda and 6 to India. In all we have provided training courses for over 800 people.

An organisation to support orphans in Uganda has been set up and is known as STORK. STORK is an embedded organisation within the ROI. The mission statement for STORK is as follows:

To provide Ugandan orphans with financial support. And, to enable them to develop life skills giving independence, hope and self confidence towards a better life.

£5 a month provides a child's basic educational needs (fees, books, pens and paper).

£1 a month provides a child with uniform and clothing for a year.

£15 a month pays for a child's healthcare and education for a year.

STORK has already provided over £7000 supporting children. The STORK co-ordinators contact details are available using the 'contact' button.


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